Sunday, January 01, 2006

So, no real improvement

Welcome to 2006.  It’s another year, ripe with possibility to transform your life and the world through your actions.

So of course, not single one of you fucktards will bother.  It’s too easy to just keep doing the same old shit.  Nothing that even smacks of altering your perfect existence, chock full of violence, mental illness, crime, war, etc., will you consider.

That’s really the problem.  No one really wants to be inconvenienced or made uncomfortable.  People bitch at the Oil Industry for not having enough processing facilities, but refuse to let them build more because it might be nearby.  There are plenty of reasons to hate the Oil Industry, but you blame them for situations you make.  

Yes, I know that they are loath to expand processing facilities because more supply would drive down prices.  But I also know that when they try to build a new one, you people freak the fuck out because it might be nearby.

I’m not here to defend Big Business.  I just feel like pointing out the fact that people are often a root cause for their own misery.

So, welcome to the new year.  I’m sure you’ll fuck it up just like you did the last one.

Good work, assholes.

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