Tuesday, February 21, 2006


So, time was, I used to be able to get someplace to rent within a day or so of looking.

When the fuck did rental property get to be the hot thing? I mean, really?

You fucks made it impossible to afford a house unless I like getting shot or driving from Casa Grande. Now you make it impossible to even rent a decent apartment.

I hope you have a nasty accident, and your kids get cancer. I hope some hippy burns your McMansion to the ground, JUST BEFORE YOU MOVE IN.

Arizona is a lovely state, if it weren't for all the fucking people.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Word to Our Cycling Friends

YOU ARE NOT FUCKING PEDESTRIANS. This means you do not get to ride on the sidewalk. The word alone should be enough to clue you fucking hampsters in to the fact. It's a conjunction, from the words side and walk. The first word indicates the object's location, being towards the side or edge of a road. The second word indicates the objects intended purpose, in this case as a place to FUCKING WALK. If you are on a wheeled vehicle of just about any kind, this means you don't get to use a sidewalk for travel.

In case you lemmings don't realize it, let me explain it to you. You are subject to the same laws and regulations as any other motor vehicle. You do not get to use crosswalks. You do not get to ride against traffic on the right side of the street.

And somehow, I'm the one who would get arrested if I ran you over.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Found on a Fark thread this morning:

Good for him for standing up for himself though.

Honestly, there is no real recourse for men who have been wronged.

The courts?

Forget it.

Anyone with testicles is guilty by default.

Self help?

There's no litany of self-help books for men who have been jerked around by women.

Ther's no "Oprah" or "Starting Over" type shows for men.

Just as no dog is born mean, they become mean only after they are abused/mistreated by their owners, when you read some newspaper story about a man who did really bad things (abushed/killed/buried alive, etc) to his wife or ex wife it's not because he was born mean, or born sociopathic.

These are normal, average, well adjusted men most of the time.

Something bad happened to him.

Bad things were done to him.

By a woman.

And he snapped.

Yeah, that about sums it up. Women control every aspect of a relationship, and they use this power in the most insanely stupid fashion. They use it to cruelly abuse those that don't deserver it, and they relinquish it to scum for nothing.

And don't give me any bullshit about the "Nice Guy Syndrome". Ain't no such fucking beast. Many nice guys make their intentions known right out of the gate, and still get used like a fucking utility.

My contempt for the "fairer sex" is directly related to their irresponsible use of their own power. It's infuriating to watch.

Friday, February 10, 2006

So Chun Says

While Fred Durst may be the biggest example of artificial success ever generated by the media, excepting any boy group in existence, he did have on stroke of genius.

I refer, of course, to "Break Stuff". It describes my mood, on any given day, quite accurately. Its the only song worth listening to from Mr. Durst and the clan of no-talent ass-clowns that follow him around and pretend to play music (excepting Wes Borland, who knows how to throw down some kick ass guitar). Like the man said, "Every man is occasionally blessed by luck". Certainly true for Limp Bizkit, or whatever the fuck they call themselves these days.

The song itself especially poingnant today, since I won the game within 15 minutes of arriving at work this morning.

So, yeah, that's how my day started out. How about yours? Oh, wait, I don't give a fuck...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Read This Thread

This one, right there.

Now explain to me why the fuck the south does not deserve to be expunged.

I'm not saying they alone deserve it. But I certainly feel that the world, and the U.S. would be much better off without them.

One way or another, if you like the Stars and Bars, you are supporting a symbol associated HEAVILY with racism. Factual or not, it doesn't matter. Because that is the perception associated with that symbol, by endorsing it, you are endorsing those values.

I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if you don't like it, or it's historically wrong, or if the war wasn't about slavery, or what. Neither does anyone else. You look like an ignorant hillbilly fuck when you endorse it, regardless of race. Just like a swastika. No one gives a fuck anymore what it means in Asian mysticism. Now, its just a symbol of fascism and genocide. Period. End of statement. Any arguments counter to this are rendered null and fucking void by reality.

You know why there are stereotypes out the South? Because those people FUCKING EXIST. It's not as though this shit was conjured from the middle of nowhere. You see the same thing often enough, you can start to make some well founded assumptions. No, they aren't always true.

But they are true often enough to be worth consideration.

So get off your fucking high horse and get a motherfucking grip.

Sex Kills

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

I mean, really, c'mon....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

You Do Not Need An SUV

And yes, I mean you. Any of you who drive one of those miserable wastes.
I had an interesting experience with someone driving one of those today. They almost ran my little Honda right over with their Toyota Four-Runner. I noticed this and managed to get out of the way in time and then observed the idiotic culprit. The woman (shock! amazement!) could BARELY SEE OVER THE FUCKING STEERING WHEEL. She looked like she was 12 or something.

Why the fuck would you buy something that you can't see out of? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Never mind, I know the answer.

You have 42 chromosomes.

I hope molded plastic is tasty. Because sooner or later you are going to end up eating that steering wheel, just because you had to have a cool SUV.