Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Couple Of Items...

So a few things worth noting today, in humanity's neverneding descent into utter moron-hood.

1. Yesterday was a mini Black Monday.  It wasn't quite a crash, just substantial losses.  However, that sell off, when coupled with the continuing fall in the price of oil, the collapse of several leading and important financial institutions, 8 straight months of job losses, and the value of the dollar all spell one thing: Depression.  I hate to break it to you brain-trusters out there supporting McCain, but the economy is not "fundamentally strong".  While they keep telling you that the GDP increase (artificially inflated) means we are not in a recession, they are willfully ignoring everything else.  Oil is over supplied, which should bring the price down some.  As the price drops, demand should rise to meet it as it becomes more affordable.  It isn't.  We just had a hurricaine tear through Oil country, and the price CONTINUES to fall.  This means that no one has enough money to get gas or otherwise raise the demand for energy.  This means many bad things.  So why would anyone, ever, support an economic policy that plans to continue the same things that set this in motion?  Can any of you mouth breathers provide one iota of evidence that show that more of the same would somehow work out better?

2.  McCain attacking Mika Brzezinski.  This was just shameful.  She asked a legitimate question, and was attacked on her impartiality.  Not only was it shameful, but manipulative, as McCain used it as an opportunity to segue into his new message of "I'm mean because Obama won't come to my canned events".  Once again, I ask you mouth breathers that support this clownish imitation of former glory, how is this guy a good pick?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick On A Pig

So apparently, there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over Obama's use of this phrase.

Because of the word lipstick, he MUST have meant Sarah Palin.  After all, she described herself as a pitbull with lipstick.  So he must have meant her, right?

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.  I think this sets a new low bar for stupid.  The McCain campaign isn't stupid for using it.  That's a pretty shrewd maneuver on their part.  What IS stupid is the fact that you morons buy it.

Have you worthless fuckers ever heard of a cliche?  

I'd swear you mongoloids would believe the moon is made of green cheese if the person who said it was carrying a cross.

Fuck You

So I haven't updated in awhile.  Things have gone fairly well, and my discontent and subsided.  I was able to turn a blind eye to the never ending stupidty of the human race.

Then the presidential election season started, and you worthless morons reminded me why our species deserves extinction.

Over the next six weeks (and 4 years, I imagine, thanks to American stupidity), I imagine I am going to have a lot to rant about.