Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Epiphany

I used to think I hated kids. And actually....I do. I fucking despise them. However, I have discovered that I hate something more. My reasons for this hatred directly fuel my hatred for children.

I've discovered that I loathe parents. More than anything else on earth. Parents are the root of all evil. Not only do they produce the little fucking mutants that so infuriate me, but they raise them, or rather fail to raise them, and leave me and my tax dollars to do their fucking job for them.

Parents have created the "Cult of the Child". This is, by far, the most subtle, vile, evil thing ever spawned. It allows any intrusion, any violation of privacy, any step whatsoever, so long as it will "protect the children". You know what? Fuck the children. You want your kids to be protected? How about you protect them? Don't try to tell me what the fuck I can or cannot do, or what I can or cannot see. It is not my responsibility to sacrifice for your fucking mutants.

I recently read that a school district banned the game "Tag" as an aggressive contact sport. They banned fucking Tag. A game everyone has played. For decades or perhaps even centuries. All trying to protect children from being hurt. Balls to that. You want to know what teaches better than anything else? PAIN. Pain is the best educator in the world. You want to know why you don't play with fire (although some of you crazy fucks probably do play with fire)? Because you learned that fire is FUCKING HOT and it BURNS YOU. You learned that one the first time you tried to touch it. And the lesson stayed with you.

The point is, parents have so beaten the world with their child worship, that everything is bending over backwards to accommodate these fuckers.

This is absurd.