Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It Never Ends

Next year cannot get here soon enough. Despite all of my ranting, I am an optimist. I think that the human race can exterminate itself next year. That would make me very happy indeed, probably for the first time in my life. But until that happens, I'm stuck in the dregs of this year with the rest of you.

I'm trying to think of something witty to say here, but there really isn't anything. There are 3 days left in the year, and they will be the longest days of my life.

Until next year starts and I realize that you aren't going to spontaneously off yourselves by the billions. And 365 days of depression and rage settle in, the same as they do every year.

2006 is going to be a long year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year's Eve is coming. Yay.

Well, the first part of the hated holiday season is over.  I’d thank God for that, but I really don’t believe in God.  If I did, it would only be in a capacity of hate.  As much shit as humanity has pulled, if there is a God, it’s His fault.  After all, we’re supposed to be made in his image.  So, if we are fucktards, guess who made us that way?

But that is a different rant.  I’ll save it for Easter.

Now comes the second part of the shitty holiday season, New Years Eve.  Instead of being consumerist sheep willing to stab each other in the back for the next “it” item, we get to be hedonistic drunken louts.  Lovely.  Like the world needs more inebriated idiots.  With all of the marvelous potential at humanity’s fingertips, the best way we can come up with to celebrate the beginning of the next solar cycle is to kill off massive quantities of brain cells with shitty tasting Coors beer and bad whiskey.  What an achievement, we should be proud.

I’m not against alcohol.  I’m just against you drinking it.  The last thing you people need is to get any stupider.

I hope you get lit on fire by the fireworks.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas! I hope you suffer!

Well, Christmas is here. Let me say, “Bah. Humbug!”

I hate Christmas. Not like, I really don’t like Christmas. I truly, deeply, and permanently loath this fucking holiday. No other single time of the year presents every single reason for the extermination of the human race so succinctly. Every singly horrible little thing humanity can do, we do it now. The supposed season of peace and love is transformed with remarkable speed into stampedes over little old ladies to get one of the last $79.00 DVD players at the local fucking Walmart. Nothing, not a single fucking thing, will prevent people from engaging in the overindulgence that accompanies every holiday season. Do you realize that retailers lose money all year round, banking on making a profit for the year over a 4 week season? Does it dawn on you how easily you are manipulated into cheerfully participating? Over the preceding weeks I’ve watched as humanity’s true nature has popped to the forefront in a vulgar orgy of consumerism. No one gives a flying fornication at an undulating pastry for peace or love. They just don’t want to feel guilty about not buying shit. Or they want to feel superior about outspending someone. We cut each other off in traffic, hinder others journeys to important places, just so we can get to the mall or the fucking Best Buy a few minutes sooner. Because we all know the fucking world is going to end if you don’t pick up that HD TV while its on sale. This isn't a rant against consumerism. Consumerism wouldn't exist if we weren't so eager to do it in the first place. Its not the shopping, its not the marketing. It's us. They just give us what we ask for. Fucking reprehensible. If you want to see what humanity is like, I mean really, go watch shoppers at Christmas time. That’s what we are folks. Hate to break it to you, but that’s it. You are a greedy, self-indulgent twat (regardless of gender) and your offspring are mal-adjusted little mutants.

I hope your Christmas presents catch fire and you all get burned horrible, but you live.

Maybe you can buy your way out of that, fuckers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I used to smoke.  I quit, but not because I really wanted to live longer.  It was impeding other things in my life that mattered more, so I discarded it.  Not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t.  But I’m not a smoker anymore.

However, I do understand why people smoke.  Every time I hear someone go on a rant about smoking, I’m reminded of Bill Hicks.

He once said, “If smoking bothers you, then I suggest you take a look at the world we live in, and shut the fuck up.”

That about covers it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Third Post

So….this is pretty addictive.  Three posts in one day.  I must have too much free time on my hands.  Why do I always feel busy then?

Anyway, people often try to tell me that love is the most powerful motivator, ever.  They point out what a mother will do to protect their child, how someone will win their one true love, etc., etc.  These people watch too many Lifetime Movies of the Week.  They are sadly deluded.  Either that, or they though John Lennon was serious.  I guess they haven’t understood the joke yet.

Hate is far more powerful.  We try to say the opposite, to disguise our true nature from ourselves, but history laughs at our foolishness.  Hate has changed the world far more then love ever has, or ever will.  Hate has accomplished more in just this century.  People will do things out of hate that defy description.  Many of our technological developments began as ways of inflicting pain and damage to our hated competitors.  Humanity is a tool using animal.  The first tool we used was a club to beat our food or our rival to death.  Our survival and success as a species depends on our aggressive capacity for hate.  Well, it used to depend on such things.  These days, its primarily momentum that keeps us going  

Regardless, hate changes the world.  Love does not.  Hate disguises itself as love, just ask the Christians.  Yes, I am singling them out.  Yes, I don’t agree with their views.  Yes, I resent the constant attempts to legislate the way everyone behaves.  The point remains that for all of their incessant chatter about the “love of Jesus Christ”, they really could give a rat’s ass about it.  They don’t “love the sinner, hate the sin”.  They hate the sinner and everyone else that does not do things the way they want.  Rather than be direct in their hate, they use passive-aggressive “conversion” and “witnessing” techniques to make others feel guilty about why Christians hate them.  

Here is a perfect example:

Many years ago, a good friend of mine would spend some of his quality time wandering around downtown Tucson.  Once a month, Tucson held a festival of sorts called Downtown Saturday Night.  These events would bring out many of the alternative lifestyles around, punks, Goths, skinheads, mods, you name it.  Therefore, it also brought out a corresponding number of street preachers, out to “save” the assorted freaks.  My friend certainly fit the part: tall, skinny, dressed primarily in black, and looked like death warmed over.  As an intellectual exercise, he would often converse with these street preachers.  As he says, “I believe in God, I just hate his fucking fan club”.  One young street preacher engaged him in conversation, particularly on the topic of pre-marital sex.  This person took the approach of comparing sexual encounters to the purchase of a gift.  The story went something like this:

Suppose you start seeing someone.  You truly care about this person, and you want to express that emotion, so you buy them a lovely heart shaped locket.  Unfortunately, things don’t work out, and you part company.  You begin seeing someone else, and find yourself in the same position.  You purchase an identical locket for your new romantic interest.  Once again, however, you break up.  You start seeing a third person, and find yourself in the same position, and buy them the same locket.  At this point, the gift is no longer special or unique.

My friend countered that each sexual encounter he had was different, because the people were different, that it was always special and unique.  The street preacher then switched tactics.  He made the comparison to purchasing something versus getting it for free.

That’s right.

He compared people, and sex, to merchandise.  

People he claimed to “love” were analogous to getting a slurpee at 7-11 or a new TV.  

It’s not that he loved people, and he wanted to see them happy, it’s that they were doing something of which he disapproved, and he wanted them to stop.  He would resort to any verbal or logical trickery to convince these people.  

You don’t lie to people you love.  Or, at least, you aren’t supposed to.  But it was okay to him, just to make them behave.  It wasn’t love, but hate and a desire for obedience that drove him.

Hate has allowed me to do incredible things.  Anytime I think that I can’t go on, I push myself one step further because of my hate.  I refuse to let go, and give up, or give in.  I graduated from college on the strength of my hate.  I’ve gotten my belts in Martial Arts on the back of my hate.  I’ve achieved what is conventionally defined as success by hatred.

All love ever made anyone do is act like an idiot.

That, and sell a ton of flowers.

Second Post

So let's get this party started, shall we?

I read. A lot. I read a lot of news, a lot of history, and a lot of fiction. The fiction is mostly to allow me to escape the world I share with 6.2 billion morons. The news is to remind myself of the world I share with 6.2 billion morons. The history is to teach myself why there are 6.2 billion morons, and why the human race needs to let the cockroaches take over. A friend of mine (yes, I do have those) says I suffer from information overload. She insists that I pay too much attention to the world and it skews my view of everything. There may be some merit to that, but the fact that there is so much to pay attention to, and that it's primarily negative makes an interesting counting point. I don't think that I pay too much attention, I think everyone else pays to little. People are willfully ignorant. They like being ignorant, and they like being stupid. They like behaving badly, and they like being worthless. There are no excuses for humanity's current state. If it truly mattered to us, or if it were truly important, we wouldn't be here.

And where are we? Destroying ourselves in the most painful ways possible. Through our ignorance and apathy, we will destroy anything decent we ever created. Because humans are scum. We haven't always been scum, but we are now. And that fact is pretty much irreversible. And so we deserve the hell we've made.

Keep in mind that I'm not discounting myself from that. When I say that humanity needs to disappear, I include myself amongst that number. People are universally scum, myself included.

And you too.

First Post

Finally! I can get the first post in without tons of stupid followup comments or some filter messing with it!

I know I'm supposed to say something profound. I'm not good with profound. I started this mostly to jump on the blogging bandwagon and vent my hate for humanity into the public forum continuously. That's it, nothing more to it.

Welcome to my insanity. I hope you don't like it here, and go away soon.