Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get A Helmet

I know it's been awhile, but life has been too good for me to complain.

That is going to end.

I'm not certain if you have heard about the new Ken Burns documentary The War. So far, it's been pretty good.

Of course, people have to fuck it up.

You can read about the debate here. The important point about this, and why it stirs up my hatred, is the potential meddling by the FCC. If ever there was a governmental organization proven more useless and valueless in the history of the world, I've yet to find it. However, the real problem is not the FCC. They are just the instrument. The problem is the miserable collection of morons out there who are bitching about foul language in a documentary about WAR. As if, somehow, that is important. What really earns my ire is the willingness of these people to make decisions for me. They don't want their little precious Johnny to hear any foul language, so they complain until no one gets to hear it. You know what? Televisions come with magical things call OFF-SWITCHES. Perhaps these Helicopter Parents (and oh, how I love that term) should learn how to use them. Or maybe, just maybe they could figure out how to change the channel. Something like that. After all, there are innumerable ways for them to avoid exposure.

Their children are THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. Not yours, or mine, or the federal government's. I have no issue providing funding for education, or health care or any of that for kids, or adults for that matter. This is another matter altogether.