Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Goddamn Researchers

Look at this shit. The fuckers went and ruined a perfectly good apocalypse. I was looking forward to seeing millions of fucktard humans dying in the streets and someone has to come along and invent a cure. Son of a bitch!

Everytime I'm certain that nature will finally do the job for us, I am reminded of our species similarity to roaches. You just can't kill us off entirely. This is not through any particular merit, mind you, but just dumb luck. What a downer.....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Word to Our Cycling Friends

Did you guys ever learn how to fucking read? Thanks to the dilligent work of one of my readers the following interesting legal tidbits come to light:

Suck It.
Blow Me.
Shut the Fuck Up.
Get Off The Fucking Road, you twats.
And finally, PWN3D!

God, it feels great to be so fucking right.

So, back to my original point, now with added legal supporty goodness, you people need to learn what the fuck you are doing, and not try to argue with two tons of steel. Because even if you are right, you will still lose the argument. Not like that would make me shed any tears mind you, but the repair bills would suck furiously.

Now get off the road, you freaks.

Drinking the Kool Aid


Where the fuck did they go? And don't try to tell me to look around. Those fucks in the GOP are NOT conservatives.

Do you see smaller government? Do you see greater personal liberty?

If you do, stop drinking the motherfucking Kool Aid.

It seems like this has become the greatest past time these days. No matter what UNBELIEVABLE line of bullshit comes from the GOP, its accepted as gospel by most people. I knew you people were fucking stupid. Hell, the damage done to my teeth as I grit them to keep my mouth shut is a testimony to humanity's never ending ability to be dumber then all fuck. But this kind of shit? You MUST be kidding.

Oh, wait, you aren't. God dammit.