Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Goddamn Researchers

Look at this shit. The fuckers went and ruined a perfectly good apocalypse. I was looking forward to seeing millions of fucktard humans dying in the streets and someone has to come along and invent a cure. Son of a bitch!

Everytime I'm certain that nature will finally do the job for us, I am reminded of our species similarity to roaches. You just can't kill us off entirely. This is not through any particular merit, mind you, but just dumb luck. What a downer.....


John said...

Well, let's see how high temperatures get before the Neocons begin to admit to Global Warming.
But it's only 110!

Jimmy The Hutt said...

I'd prefer something like a good disease, simply because of the creeping terror factor. Instead we get slow roasted. Its just not as fun or dramatic...:(