Thursday, April 06, 2006

Been Busy.

So Fuck Off. I've learned to hate Text Mining. I've finally found two instructors in my Master's program who completely merit a horrible fate. I've taken numerous useless trips to help people who don't deserve it and don't even appreciate it.

All in all, its been like every other year, just with more air travel.

Don't even get me started on that. Air travel should be placed on the Geneva Convention as a method of torture. There is nothing worse then being forced to stand in line after line filled with screaming children and idiots who can't be arsed to read anything before bothering to fly. I love having to show up 3 hours before a flight just to get through security in time. This security, by the by, does nothing more then provide fake jobs for high school drop outs and people too stupid to be security guards. It certainly doesn't make us anymore secure. In case you missed the point, 9/11 was the LAST time anyone will be able to hijack a plane with Americans on it. I'm pretty sure the next group that tries is going to get beat down by a single mom with her little fucking mutant transport system (baby carriage). So don't try to tell me that this shit is important. It doesn't stop anything actually dangerous from getting on a plane, like a motherfucking bomb. Did you know that they recently tested the security measures and were able to smuggle the parts to a bomb on 21 times? You know how many times they tried? 21 times. That's right, assholes. Every time they wanted to get something on, they did.

So the TSA isn't actual security, its employment for walking Soylent Green.

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John said...

The reference to not reading before flying reminds me of one of the most idiotic things I've seen - at 'fast food restaurants'... the people (it's usually two or more) stand in line for fifteen minutes, with a seven foot display behind the counter, print the size of newspaper CRISIS headlines, and BEGIN to look at the menu only when they get to the checkout.
Hey.. here's an idea, taken from some grocery stores- have a 'I know what I want' line, and another 'I'm too fucking stupid' line!