Friday, April 14, 2006

Why I Hope The Flupocalypse Strikes Parents First

I hate parents. There are few things more precious in the world then liberty. Your child's innocence is not one of them. Particularly when they are 16 and probably know more about freaky sex then you do.

Parents are one of the world's best arguments for the destruction of mankind. I certainly believe that the moment one becomes a parent, their IQ is quartered. Given how amazingly idiotic people are, this is never a good thing. I do not know where you fucking people get the idea that everything in this world has to be subservient to the interests of your child. Its my fucking world too assholes. And I don't care about your kids. In fact, I hate them, because you use them to justify shutting down anything that makes you uncomfortable. Your lack of faith in your offspring is so great that you have to fight the world to get them to behave rather than teaching them. That's really it. You cannot teach your children, particularly about all the stuff that makes you uncomfortable, so no one is allowed to see it or do it.

You fucking make me sick.

This is why there should be a license to procreate. We could certainly neutralize the population growth problem if 99% of you fuckers popping out little fucking mutants were stopped.


John said...

Ah.. but there's the differentiation between PARENTS (I had a set) and BREEDERS (whom I see very often, varying from allowing their kids to open and play with toys in the store to evil-eyeing you if you don't kiss their kiddies asses).

Kind of frightening to realize I have no progeny, yet my behavior towards children is better than 90% of the actual 'parents'(breeders)

Jimmy The Hutt said...

The distinction is drifting into non-existence. I acknowledge that there were, once upon a time, these mythical "parents" of which you speak. However, those are extinct. The act linked seems like a perfectly fucking reasonable alternative to controlling your fucking children. If you cannot outwit your kids, you have no business having them.

This is another reason why the world is doomed. Those smart enough to raise kids don't fucking want them. Each generation becomes more and more stupid. Soon, the world will be populated by porch sitting, banjo-playing, sister-fucking freaks. I just home that a comet strikes us before then, or HN51 is a million times worse then predicted.

I am not an environmentalist, but this is the time I wish that the Earth actually had consciousness. And an anti-body system, to deal with the likes of the scum spreading across it. I am not about saving the planet. I could give a flying fornication at an undulating pastry about the planet. I just hate having to share it with 6.2 billion morons, and breeding more all the time.

You know what? The whole thing is going into the regular post. More people need to read this.

Not like they will, because the place does not get much traffic, and I don't think anyone will make it past the pre-amble.