Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fucktard Central

This was my local grocery store tonight. I went down to the local Fry's for a few items and had to find something to clamp down on before I was even inside the store. Every single example of stupid humanity was there. It was like a fucking bug light. They all just kind of buzzed around, got in my way, and made me hate them in less time then it takes to change a radio station. I couldn't even find a parking space without ignorant assholes pulling out in front of me. There were smokers standing around out front of the store, like Jay and Silent Bob. Only stupider. And real.

Inside the store was no better. I just wanted a couple of sodas and a bottle of milk. 3 items, total. It took me 29 minutes to get back OUT OF THE FUCKING STORE. Why, you ask? That's simple, intrepid reader: the idiocy was more concentrated inside. I grabbed my items and went to stand in line. I guess Saturday night is "Try to Buy your Beer with Food Stamps" night. The woman in question could not understand why she was not allowed to buy shit with my tax dollars. The idiot cashier, who looked like she just fell out her mother last week, certainly couldn't explain it. Given that the line was long and getting longer (because all the scum had to shop at Fry's tonight), I decided to use one of the self checkout stations.

This was a mistake. The line wasn't long for those, but there is a very good reason for that fact. PEOPLE CANNOT FOLLOW SIMPLE VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS. The damn machine doesn't make it hard. It tells you what to do, EVERY SINGLE TIME. In small words. It's really easy to do. Scan, touch the yellow pad, bag the fucking thing. And somehow, this is too hard for people to do.

There are rumblings that World War 3 is starting. After one trip to the local grocery store, I hope these rumblings are true. The peace and quiet will be nice.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So Apparently....

I am about worthless.

So where does that put the rest of you?

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I actually kind of liked my old job. That is, I liked my boss and co-workers (as much as I like anyone these days). The job itself was support. And I HATE SUPPORT. With a passion. An eternal passion that rivals my hatred of children. There is nothing worse than support. I blame support for my misanthropy. I used to like people. Then I spent all day coming up with last minute solutions to impossible problems created by other fucking people. I swear, asking adults to use a computer is like asking a 5 year old to drive the Indy 500, or at least the act like it. These things aren't that fucking hard, you morons. But somehow, they KEEP FUCKING THEM UP. And then it was my job to make it all better. Instantly, you know. Because they had to get back to playing solitaire or surfing for porn right away!

But that is all over now. I am free of support and I will NEVER go back to it if I can help it. I now get to learn all new kinds of frustration in the fascinating world of development. I'm certain I will hate it just as much, but it will minimize my contact with other people.

The only problem is this: I am severely out of practice at development. My skills, such as they were, have atrophied. So this weekend is turning into a cram fest.

I hope its worth it.