Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One More Reason to Cancel Cable

NBC canceled Life. This was a great, character driven show. No, the crimes weren't particularly innovative or challenging, but the interaction amongst the main characters made the show a must-see every week. Just like Journeyman. I'm beginning to get annoyed. NBC gets me hooked on some great shows, and then cancels them. Not only that, but they are trading these shows out so we can see Jay Fucking Leno in primetime for 5 nights a week. What a brilliant fucking idea, NBC. Because that's exactly what we need more of, bland, banal, mediocre (at best) comedy from a washed up sell-out.

Not only that, but the fuckers are bringing Heroes back. They cancel Life, they cancel Chuck and give us five more hours of Jay Leno and more hamfisted melodrama and Comic Book Tropes from Tim Kring.

Looks like it's just time to go all Netflix. BSG is over, I can catch episodes of Burn Notice online, and I can do without the expense.

It almost makes you wonder if this was network TV's revenge all along. Cable nearly put them under, and now they are driving customers away from traditional pay TV services in droves. Why pay tons of money every month for crap you don't watch, when you can just queue up what you want, when you want it over the Intrawebz?