Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fuck Republicans

I say this one with impunity, because I used to be one. Seriously, you people have to be the most worthless pieces of shit to walk the earth. How any single one of you fucks can justify this? And this shit is only the tip of the motherfucking iceberg? I thought you fucks were in favor of smaller governement, and less interference in one's own business? Since when did that equal domestic spying? I'm sorry, I confused you with a CONSERVATIVE. You miserable, todaying, money grubbing, lying, hypocrital fucks are certainly not conservative. You are all about power and wealth, and concentrating it into as few hands as you can manage. What happened to fiscal responsibility? Nope, gotta toss that aside to pay for a bullshit war that we didn't even need to fight. And don't even try to justify that one. You've sacraficed over 20,000 American lives so you can feel like you have balls. They didn't defend our freedom, and I feel bad for them that they were sacrficed on the altar of your ego. And to try and cut spending, you cut penny-ante shit that does nothing but hurt people and actually doesn't reduce our spending one iota. It just slows its rate of increase. Barry Goldwater is rolling in his grave.

Party of Freedom, my ass.

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Exodus said...

You forgot the religious fanatics as well. :)