Tuesday, February 21, 2006


So, time was, I used to be able to get someplace to rent within a day or so of looking.

When the fuck did rental property get to be the hot thing? I mean, really?

You fucks made it impossible to afford a house unless I like getting shot or driving from Casa Grande. Now you make it impossible to even rent a decent apartment.

I hope you have a nasty accident, and your kids get cancer. I hope some hippy burns your McMansion to the ground, JUST BEFORE YOU MOVE IN.

Arizona is a lovely state, if it weren't for all the fucking people.


Aaron said...

Housing in Phoenix has become a son of a bitch. I am not sure what happened in the last 5 years to make everyone want to move to the convection oven that is Phoenix, AZ. I am not looking forward to moving back down from Flagstaff. Traffic, housing, people... all horrible. I wonder where all these people are moving away from, so I can move there. Idiots and assholes, that's all there is.

I know that people originally moved to Phoenix to avoid all the allergic reactions they had in the wetter states with their plantlife etc. But now the pollution is so bad, and people started cross-migrating plantlife they were allergic to in the first place, making me more reactive in Phoenix than in Flagstaff. So it really doesn't seem to work out right.

I just cant wait until everyone gets upset and leaves Phoenix like a pack of migratory birds and it becomes a ghost town like industrial Detroit.

Jimmy The Hutt said...

The problem is a combination of things. Mostly stupid people. You have people who like the consistent weather of CA, but couldn't afford it. AZ is a somewhat similar replacement in terms of mild weather. Then you have the collapse of the CA economy, which encouraged people to look for alternative places, and once again AZ fits the bill. They sold their overpriced McMansions in CA and were made into instant millionaires. They came here and purchased houses of comparable size or greater for a fraction of the cost. As so many of them started to do this, the population exploded and generated bidding wars for property. This drove up the value without driving up the corresponding wages. Those of us not millionaires were promplty FUCKED by these worthless assholes and now wallow in the scum trying to secure a living.

Yes, California people. I fucking hate you most of all.