Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Death Race 2000

So who fucking taught you people to drive, anyway? Boy, you surely do suck.

I made the commute from Phoenix to Tucson this morning. Anyone who drives I-10 in this stretch of the country can tell you that the length between those two cities is as close to hell as you are going to find. Its not too bad when you are inbetween the cities, but get to close to either one, and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

What strikes me as funny (okay, it doesn't so much strike me as funny as drive me into a homical rage) is how you think that cutting me off is going to get you to work that much faster. This morning, everytime traffic packed up near an on-ramp, some dumb fuck, which I count as just about everyone, would end up riding the shoulder to get ONE MORE CAR LENGTH AHEAD. I guess creating serious disruptions for the other drivers and magnifying the risk we all take hurtling along like lemmings in shiny metal boxes is worth it. Somehow.

This highlights one of my great complaints about humanity. For all of our talk about community and the human race, all it takes is a minor bit of discomfort or irritation for any of us to be willing to risk serious death or injury to other humans. Freeway and highway traffic is the perfect example of this behavior. People cruise along, doing whatever they like to with no real acknowledgement or observation of how their actions and their behaviors affect those around them. How many times have we seen some fucktard driving 10 miles below the speed limit in the middle lane, completely ignorant of how they disrupt the natural flow of traffic as people coming up behind them are forced to change lanes to continue their travel? Or the useless waste of skin who gets into the left lane on the highway and just STAYS THERE, unwilling to get back into the travel lane out of the passing lane? Were these people completely dead during their driving test? The driving regulations are one of the few human designed systems that would actually work if everyone followed their precepts. However, it's driving is human behavior in microcosm. You may rarely see acts of a good nature, but generally everyone is interested in only themselves.

Fuck off and die, humanity.


John said...

Well, consider they're probably listening to the radio (your guess as to who or what), using their cellphone to look important, eating or doing makeup, maybe reading the paper, and did you see that Arizona is going to allow people to drive who require corrective lenses that look like a jeweler's loupe?

Jimmy The Hutt said...

Sometimes, the world of Logan's Run doesn't seem that bad....