Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dead Babies!

So I’m in class right now.  There is nothing worse then being in class fro 8 hours.  On a Saturday.  And spending the first 3 hours taking an exam.  No exam should take 3 hours.  It’s morally wrong.

Yeah, I know I don’t give a shit about morals.  It just kind of sucks spending my day being bored out of my skull.  This master’s program is normally fairly interesting, but cramming cost accounting into 2 weeks just doesn’t fly.  There are CPA’s that make careers out of this shit.

Anyway, I was thinking about the abortion debate.  I truly do not comprehend why there is a debate.  Of course, I believe there is no Sky Bully, so it might skew my views a bit.  The continued existence of this issue as so divisive is somewhat astounding.

I’m not going to bother pounding out logical reasons for or against abortion.  There are plenty of people out there who spend their lives doing just that.  So if you came here looking for logic or structured arguments, you can just fuck right off.  You are in the wrong place.

Really, who the fuck cares about this?  If this issue motivates you, one way or the other, you have too much fucking time on your hands.  Seriously.  You should realize there is shit out there that actually matters.  Abortion does not matter one fucking iota.  The world goes on.  Society does not end.  We do not end up running with Mad Max if abortion goes on, or if it stops.  

I mean, you know my opinion.  Anything that allows for fewer screaming little mutants is a good thing.  Beyond that, fuck it.  In a world as spectacularly fucked as ours, this is WAAAAAAY down the totem pole here assholes.  Truthfully, its used more as a tool to motivate armies of bored born-again housewives who can’t seem to realize that this shit has happened since the dawn of human civilization.  Sometimes with an established medical procedure, other times with a good quick kick to the gut.  It’s not going anywhere.  Your political party won’t allow it go anywhere, either one.  The GOP certainly won’t, because then a large section of their support might actually pay attention to the rest of their platform and realize what cocks they are.  The Democrats won’t either.  It’s too good at filling the coffers to support resistance against the conservative movements.  Both camps of political representatives (no, I’m not counting Libertarians, because, well, get serious…) use the issue as a hot potato to keep people on the ball or supporting the team.  It’s like a professional sports game.  The team owners don’t care who wins, only that they make ticket sales.  

So guess what, Pro-Lifer retards and Pro-Choice zealots!  Your issue is a political football!  No one you vote for really gives a shit about RESOLVING the actual issue.  You are content to be used to keep these whores in office.

Yet another reason people suck.  Of all the things to put energy into, this is the kind of shit that fires you up and gets you moving.

That and violent video games.

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