Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Objectivists Are Retards

I know you egomaniacal, self-fellatiating assholes like to think of yourself as the paragon of logical, reasoned thoughts. But I'd like to tell you that you aren't. No amount of protesting, or snark, or psuedo-reasoning will change one very big flaw in your argument.

You fuckers are just as human as the rest of us.

I know you hate that fact (which is further proof of your lack of rationality), but it's true. You have 46 chromosomes, and you suck just like the rest of us. Humans don't make decisions, we make choices, and then justify those choices so they sound like decisions. But decisions involve the objective consideration of factors BEFORE deciding on a course of action. Choices are made without consideration of factors or consequences. Humans do that all day long, and then cover it up so that it sounds good.


Well, not really, because I hate you fuckers, generally speaking. You act like you operate in a fucking vaccuum, when you don't. Everything you do affects other people, and things other people do affect you. Sometimes you can't see the chain of cause and effect, and sometimes you can. However, it always exists. Just because you can't, or rather, wont, see it doesn't mean it's not there. That means we all bear some responsibility for each other. So your philosophy of Objectivisim is really about extracting the maximum benefit of group effort for one individual, you. And that makes you the worst kind of hypocrites.

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