Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Live Bitchiness

You know what? Those of you bags of filth that make secondary accounts on Live JUST to run through the levels on COF4 again have to be the most pathetic group of people I've ever encountered? Once you've achieved a certain level of ability, the stupid little icon next your handle doesn't matter. No one cares really. The stupid icon is more of an indicator of how much time you waste with the game, not your actual ability. So why do you assholes make another account to seem like a low level putz and gloat when you beat someone of a higher level? You aren't fooling anyone, and it's pathetic and ineffective griefing.

If you want to be a griefer, just use your first Level 55 and hit people from the places you know they can't get to you. It's time honored and really irritating.

I mean, if you really want to be a complete shitbag, anyway...

Or, you could just play the fucking game and let everyone have a good time.

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