Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Profound Discovery

I've recently reviewed my postings on here and discovered a common theme. All of these people that seem to exist to frustrate and annoy me all have one thing in common: Their parents sucked. You know how I know this? Because not a single one of them have basic comprehension skills. You know, the stuff you learn before you go to school? That occurs outside of the six miserable hours the state is required to educate you each day? All that material is basic academics; names, dates, formulas, conjugations, and assorted other crap. By the time you get to school, your parents should have taught you some basic skills on how to live and move in the world. These skills are supposed to improve in time. However, if one never has the skills to begin with, one can't improve them, can they? So really, the problem with the world is that we have generations of idiots raising other generations of idiots.

I don't doubt there is more to it than that, but that is the root cause of a great deal of the bullshit out there.

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John said...

It's not just that these people are idiots, but that they have dropped "The American Dream", that their children do better than they did. Besides, they also consider themselves to be smarter, better looking and more capable than everyone else. For instance, the guy who tries to drive 60 in a 45 MPH zone, and expects the traffic light (which should be set to be green for those doing the limit) to magically change when they get there. (Imagine how much brake lining they're burning off making those stops!).
As Jimmy know, I am more capable than the average - but I also believe in a Dirty Harry quote: "A man's gotta know his limitations".

Schools - notably public schools - are also pushed into idiocy by these breeders, who believe their children are smarter, better behaved and more capable than other kids. Never mind that the brat beats up other kids and take their lunch money, or homework from the actually smarter kids. The poor administrators tell the breeders that the kids are not able to function at a minimal level, the breeders won't accept that, they've been told by Limbaugh or others that their kids are OK, though odds are they're just short of belonging (or DO belong) in jail.

Politically, these idiots take all the claims made by their favorite pundit, and accept the claims made about the other side - that all Democrats are far-left, or Republicans are neo-Nazis. How many are willing to read/watch what the other side actually says?